Student Profile

The purpose of the student profile page is to highlight the work of a special student each week. The THMS program is privileged  to have MANT creative and TALENTED students who normally would not have their work seen throughout the community. So this is our way of showing EVERYONE the talent that we have here at THMS!

Ariela chanes

Sophomore class of 2018

I am a sophomore. What started me in this class is that my friend suggested it to me. I wanted to learn how to do things for my self. I want to be an advanced screen printer. I want to go to the u of a and study mechanical engineering. I have taken this class since freshman year. I came to Tucson high for the science programs we have. I like to play softball, also airsofting. I like to cook, I mostly cook enchiladas. What motivates me is making my mom and dad proud.

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I am a senior at Tucson high. I chose this class for future carrier. I wanted to learn the basics and when I learn the basics I want to learn more in depth. I want o be an advanced graphic designer by the end of this year. I want to go to UGA to study fashion design. I have been waiting to take this class since I was a freshman. I took one graphic design class in middle school. I went to san Miguel my freshman-junior years. I came to Tucson high for less stress and no dress code, also more variety or electives. I like to shop and travel, the best place I have been to is Los Angeles.




Web master: Ethan

I am a senior at Tucson high. I have been taking graphic design since sophomore year, what motivated me to stay was the teaching of Photoshop and illustrator and how they worked. My favorite part about graphic design is the complicated projects for businesses around Tucson. I want to keep on studying the art of graphic design though out college. I used to play baseball in middle school for 4 years. Over the 3 year I have been in graphic design my work has gotten customer friendly, not just what looks cool. Outside of school I love to draw for the fun of it and I also still play baseball but not competitively. The people who inspire me are my parent because they are hard working individuals and help to provide for our family.

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Treasurer: Dana

I am a senior at Tucson high. I have been taking graphic design since freshman year and it has inspired me to pursue graphic design. My favorite part about graphic design is planning and making designs, also meeting new fun and exciting people. I finally was given my certificate of completion from jted. I also have been playing forward for our varsity soccer team for 4 years and our team has won all of our games last year, it has also has inspired me to tryout for college soccer. I have gotten a lot of experience from working with company’s, business owners, also the regional computation (skills USA). I’m planning on going to Stanford University. I want to get my MBA in business management. Besides school I like to hang out with my friend at the mall and around 4th Ave.  What keeps me going is my parent because they inspire me to do my best, and know that I’m going to do something big and great one day.

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NICKNAME: La Conquista

My name is Kristin, I am a Cheerleader here at Tucson High, I have been on the varsity squad since my freshman year. I also have been dancing since i was 3 years old. I have participated in

the RED ARMY for three years now! I have placed in the  top 10 at  the Skills Arizona Championships . I plan on medaling this year and hopefully winning next year! I love  Graphic Design and I plan on going to college for Graphic Design as my career choice.kristen Valencia shirt design ArizonaSkillsValenciaKristin









Junior Screenshot_2013-12-10-10-35-08-1  Bree: I am a Junior at Tucson High Magnet School and have been in Graphic Design all three years. I plan to attend college and either become a Marine Biologist or continue with Graphic Design. In my free time I like to hangout with friends, do homework and sleep.

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Senior IMG_9987 Alysia: I am a Senior at Tucson High and have been a part of Graphic Design for all Four years! I plan to attend college and become a teacher of either English or Graphic Design and also study Graphic Design either way. In my free time I like to sleep or hangout with friends.

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Senior wes1 Wesly: I am a Senior this year and I have been in Graphic Design for ALL four Years! After I graduate from Tucson High I plan on going to college to major in Graphic Design. I  am very passionate about Art and Design.In my free time I like to ride Bikes and I like getting tattoos as well! From the Teacher: Wesly is a hard worker and has a great eye when it comes to design. He has been working really hard to be on of our top students in class so that he can compete at regionals and state. I am looking forward to seeing wesley complete his portfolio and what he can do to represent the program here at THMS! IMG_1820 photo-1

Wesley working on a T-Shirt design

photo Logo- Wesley Sammons 6th period   wes2 IMG_3060